Erroneous Signage

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Compared to many states, Washington is really good about not messing up their signs. This, of course, ignores the strange font variations you sometimes get which are so common that they can’t be considered erroneous. Same applies to their treatment of 3-digit US Highways. They are reluctant to use a wide shield and frequently just format it like a three digit state route (using a two digit blank).

But they don’t usually screw things up. My guess would be that, from my observations, Washington uses a lot more one-piece signs that are specially manufactured for a given intersection than other states. They’ve also got a pretty straightforward system with few concurrencies.

Washington doesn’t have any insanely complex sign assemblies with 20 or more separate sign panels. Washington would condense that down to one or two signs specially tailored to the intersection and that’s that.

Of course, WSDOT is happy to throw a bone once in a while. Here are the ones I’ve encountered:

MP: 230.11

Location: W 5th Ave and Railroad St, Colville

State route shield for a US route shield. There is one in each direction in this roundabout. Ironically it is right outside a WSDOT office

MP: 3.01

Location: W Broadway Ave and S Pioneer Way, Moses Lake

Business Loop signage in standard interstate colors instead of green. This is confusing and makes it look like Washington hasn’t quite completed I-90 in Moses Lake

MP: CPLT/2.8

Location: E Main St and Kamiaken St, Pullman

This along SR 270 in Pullman. This sign should read SR 27 NORTH/SR 270 WEST, not SR 27 WEST

MP: 19.4

Location: Big Alkali Rd and SR 127, Whitman Cty

This one is on  SR 127. It’s a US Highway shield on a state route shield. Perhaps a homage to US-295 that used to run down this route?

MP: 409.33

Location: Mayview Rd and US-12, Garfield Cty

This one on US-12. Obvious error here with the state route blank used instead.

MP: 434.14

Location: Main St and Bridge St, Lewiston ID

This also on US-12, right on the bridge into Idaho. It’s the last sign you see before Idaho. So they put up a US-12 with a state route blank to remind those of Washington.

MP: 9.18

Location: SR 3 and NW Waaga Way, Silverdale

This on SR 303 as it turns right to head down Waaga Way. It’s not a big deal, but they used a green font there which is odd.

MP: 282.37

Location: US-101 and W Uncas Rd, Discovery Bay, Jefferson Cty

What? These signs show up at the US-101 and SR 20 junction and then pop up in downtown Port Angeles. They just used FHWA Series F (instead of C) font for some reason and it looks ridiculous.

MP: 14.47

Location: Stevens Pass Hwy and SR 522, Monroe

Another variation on the above theme

MP: I-82/34.26

Location: Nob Hill Blvd E and I-82, Yakima

They’ve got a couple of these around Yakima. It’s the incredibly rare (in Washington) use of a three digit shield for a two digit route.

MP: 5.01

Location: S 3rd St and W Division St, Mt Vernon

This on SR 536. It’s not really an error, because I don’t know how else you’d format the sign if you insist on a white background, but still not standard.