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Last Updated July 2023
I live here now! I’ve finished driving the state highway system. Connecticut was, interestingly, one of only two states with Rhode Island that I’d never even been to in early 2021. Then I moved there. It’s really an underrated state – still a lot of button copy, though it’s rapidly diminishing and I’m glad I got here and got pictures of a lot of it before it disappears forever. The off-freeway driving is slow, but the traffic is almost never atrocious outside of Fairfield County, and the state offers a surprisingly varied array of scenery and cultural regions over a small area. When I first moved here, it was immediately apparent that Connecticut, moreso than anywhere else I’ve lived, is really a confederation of 169 different towns, all with distinct identities. In terms of driving, I probably enjoy the Naugatuck Valley the most – but certainly appreciate the northwest corner of the state and the far eastern portions.