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Last Updated August 2020

Well, I finished driving every mile of state highway in Montana. But it was more than that. From January 2013 to June 2016, I had the great pleasure of calling the Treasure State my home.

The nature of my job for most of my time in Montana caused me to spend a lot of time all over the state, getting to know the people and the places throughout. Montana’s a great place, and I’m grateful to have lived there. As far as the highway system, this will likely be the most challenging I ever clinch. The state itself is huge, and with thousands of miles of unpaved highway, it’s a challenge to traverse. Over the course of this journey, I had two flat tires and had my passenger side mirror taken out by a grouse that jumped up to avoid me hitting it. As with Wyoming, I remain amazed that no deer were injured in the clinching of this (or any) highway system.

But man, I like Montana. And it’s not just the western part of the state – but central and eastern Montana are really cool too. North of I-90 and east of I-15 really is Big Sky Country. In some places the scenery is more subtle than others, but it is always beautiful. With no real cities and no real traffic, save for a few populated areas, driving in Montana is a pleasure and a joy.