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Last Updated November 2020
From October 2017 to October 2020, I worked to clinch every mile of state highway in Nevada. This was the beginning of a sort of new era of clinching, where every single trip to clinch Nevada was an overnight trip, often completed in conjunction with a California-clinching trip. I don’t have a lot to say about Nevada, other than it is unique in how consistent it is across such a broad geographic area. It’s both underrated and easily the worst state in the West – offering a great rural feel without any of the truly spectacular scenery of other western states
Favorite highways are probably some of the secondary routes like 722 and 892 – the Nevada secondary system (highways numbered >700) provide the best taste of the state, in my view. They’re often spurs to nowhere but have no traffic, great classic Nevada range scenery, and just provide an overall pleasant experience. Least favorite routes are probably the local roads still on the system in Reno – where Vegas may have more of those roads, the roads in Reno have worse-timed traffic lights and are generally kind of a mess.
Nevada is fun because it has an ever-moving state highway system, especially in urban areas like Reno and Las Vegas, so I’ll probably be back soon to clinch whatever new route NDOT throws our way.