Rhode Island


Click the links below to access photos of highway signs from around the state:

Last Updated October 2023

During the spring and summer of 2023, I drove every mile of state highway in Rhode Island, building on some progress made in 2021 and 2022 after I moved to Connecticut. Rhode Island was an interesting state to clinch – I did it entirely on day trips from my house in Connecticut, so it becomes the first state I’ve driven all of without ever having spent the night in (and of three states overall that I have not slept in) – one day I’m sure I will overnight in Rhode Island.

I enjoyed driving the system, though. The signage is famously terrible, but that makes it sort of interesting. The system is a nice mix of rural countryside driving, suburban sprawl, and decent urban highways. There’s a few nice bridges to get to Aquidneck (formerly Rhode) Island, a little bit of extant button copy, plenty of u-turn opportunities,  Now that I’ve driven all the highways, I do look forward to seeing more of Rhode Island, because it seems as though much of the coolest stuff (non-roadwise) is actually off the system.