Interstate 82, WA State Line to US-395/US-730


This is the first page ever published for Oregon Routes

MP: McNary Hwy #70/0

Location: I-82 and US 730, Umatilla

Welcome to Oregon! Not sure why it’s such a simple sign at this state line crossing.

MP: McNary Hwy #70/.715

Location: I-82 and Columbia River Hwy, Umatilla

Upon entering from Washington we get exit signage for US-395 and US-730 and signs for I-84 to Portland and Pendleton. Note the odd omission of the “TO” banner for I-84. Southbound US-395 will leave I-82 here, and northbound will join for the bridge into Washington

E to I-84/US-30, W to WA-14

N to WA-14, S to US-730

N to WA State Line, S to US-730

W to I-84/US-30, E to US-395