Louisiana Highway 31, LA-351 to LA-336-1


Location: LA 31 and LA 351, St Martin Psh

Reassurance shield after the 351 junction

Location: Main St and Van Buren St, Breaux Bridge

About a mile later, we’ll approach downtown Breaux Bridge and Highway 336-1. Highway 31 turns too at the junction.

Location: Main St and Bridge St, Breaux Bridge

Turn right for 336-1 east towards a delicious restaurant (Cafe des Amis) and I-10. Turn left for 31 north. The left turn indicator for 336-1 is an error as best as I can tell.  Breaux Bridge is pretty touristy and signs its local street names in French and English

N to LA-336-2, S to LA-350

E to LA-328

E to LA-321