Louisiana Highway 31, LA-92 to LA-96


Location: LA 31 and LA 92, St Martin Psh

Reassurance shield after the Highway 92 junction

Location: Main St and Le Doux St, St Martinville

Shortly after 92, we’ll enter St Martinville, the true heart of Francophone America. There is a greater percentage of native Francophones in this town than anywhere else in the US

Location: Main St and Port St, St Martinville

As we enter picturesque downtown St Martinville, we’ll approach Louisiana 96. Turn left for 96 west towards Broussard and Lafayette. Stay straight for 31 north/96 east, which concur to the next stoplight in the distance

N to LA-96, S to LA-86

E to LA-31, W to LA-182

E to LA-347, W to LA-182