U.S. Route 167, LA-472 to US-84/LA-34


Location: US-167 and LA 472, Winn Psh

Reassurance shield after the 472 junction

Location: US-167 and US-84, Winn Psh

As we start to enter the city of Winnfield, we’ll approach US-84 and Louisiana 34

Location: US-167 and US-84, Winn Psh

Turn right for US-84 and Louisiana 34 east towards Monroe and Natchez, Mississippi. Stay straight for 167 north and 84/34 west. The three routes all split at varying points in Winnfield

N to LA-1231, S to LA-500

E to LA-34, W to LA-1231

E to US-84, W to LA-1231

S to LA-500