State Route 387, I-10 to SR 84/SR 287


AMP: 8

Location: SR 387 and I-10, Pinal Cty

Reassurance shield after the I-10 interchange

AMP: 6

Location: N Pinal Ave and Val Vista Rd, Casa Grande

A couple miles later, we’ll get a reassurance shield as we enter Casa Grande

AMP: 0

Location: Pinal Ave and Florence Blvd, Casa Grande

A few miles later, we’ll enter the core of Casa Grande and approach SR 287 and SR 84. Turn left for 287 east towards I-10 and right for SR 84 west towards I-8. SR 387 ends.

N to SR 187

W to SR 347

E to I-10

E to SR 287, W to SR 587