State Route 544, SR 9 to SR 539


MP: 8.92

Location: W Columbia St and Nooksack Ave, Nooksack

Reassurance shield after JCT SR 9

MP: 7.93

Location: W. Main St and Mission Rd, Everson

SR 544 bears left to stay on Mission Rd

MP: 4.98

Location: Pole Rd and Everson-Goshen Rd, Whatcom Cty

Reassurance shield after the busy Pole Rd intersection

MP: 1.84

Location: Pole Rd and Hannegan Rd, Whatcom Cty

Reassurance shield after my least favorite intersection in the state of Washington, a useless and very congested four way stop north of Bellingham

MP: .06

Location: Guide Meridian Rd and Pole Rd, Whatcom Cty

JCT SR 539. North takes us to Canada, South to Bellingham and I-5

 S to I-5N to SR 546

S to SR 542, N to SR 546