Interstate 82, SR 241 to SR 22


Last Driven July 2019

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 69.59

Location: Waneta Rd and I-82, Sunnyside

Reassurance shield that begs for the state name.

MP: 73.36

Location: Stover Rd and I-82, Grandview

I’d pay a large amount of money to see all these replaced with standard I-82 signs. This wish was more or less granted by 2019, and we’re worse off for it.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 75.55

Location: County Line Rd and I-82, Prosser

OMG! It’s SO CLOSE. Just center the 82 and bold it, and we’ve finally got a regular spec sign!

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 80.55

Location: Gap Rd and I-82, Prosser

You know what, I’m satisfied with this. This s aperfect older style interstate shield with the smaller fonts.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 81.22

Location: Grant Ave and I-82, Prosser

SR 22 comes back here, and SR 221 is right after the exit. The guy in front of me in 2007 had his left blinker on for about half an hour. It was hilarious.

MP: 82.22

Location: Wine Country Rd and I-82, Prosser

SR 22 comes back and spurs down to SR 221

E to SR 224, W to SR 223

E to SR 224, W to SR 223

W to SR 221

N to SR 24, S to SR 22