State Route 23, US-195 to I-90/US-395


MP: .15

Location: US-195 and SR 23, Steptoe, Whitman Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route

MP: 14.47

Location: SR 23 and Pine City Rd, St. John

Reassurance shield after heading out of the small farm town called St. John

MP: 22.57

Location: SR 23 and W Damrell Rd, Ewan, Whitman Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of the little area of Ewan

MP: 28.61

Location: SR 23 and Old State Hwy, Whitman Cty

Reassurance shield after an older alignment of Primary State Highway 18

MP: 35.52

Location; SR 23 and Lamont Rd, Whitman Cty

Reassurance shield after the road to the town of Lamont

MP: 43.56

Location: SR 23 and I-90, Sprague

SR 23 comes up on I-90 (and US 395!) without junciton signage. Turn right for I-90 east

MP: 43.6

Location; SR 23 and I-90, Sprague

Oh snap! You thought we already got the eastbound turnoff. No! For some reaosn there is two signs.

Junction SR 231 is just after I-90 so they pretend it’s part of SR 23 here, which it’s not. It s hould read TO SR 231

MP: 43.76

Location: SR 23 and I-90, Sprague

Turn left for I-90 (and US-395) west (and south), or stay straight for SR 23 North (to) SR 231 North

N to SR 231

E to SR 904, W to SR 261

N to SR 904, S to SR 261

S to SR 26, N to SR 271