State Route 9, SR 534 to SR 530


MP: 39.97

Location: Main St and SR 9, Lake McMurray, Skagit Cty

Reassurance shield after the junction

MP: 32.96

Location: SR 9 and Stanwood-Bryant Rd, Bryant, Snohomish Cty

Stanwood-Bryant Rd is a nice direct route to I-5

MP: 32.72

Location: Stanwood-Bryant Rd and SR 9, Bryant, Snohomish Cty

Reassurance shield after Stanwood-Bryant Rd

MP: 31.64

Location: SR 9 and 252nd St NE, Snohomish Cty

Reassurance shield south of Bryant

MP: 29.65

Location: Hazel St and W Burke Ave

SR 530 turns left here. West SR 530 joins SR 9 for a couple blocks

S to SR 530, N to SR 538

W to SR 9, E to SR 20

W to I-5