State Route 9, SR 542 to SR 542


MP: SR 542/10

Location: Lawrence Rd and Mt. Baker Hwy, Whatcom Cty

Nice little dual reassurance shield. Washington always tries to make these one-pieces, and so they are very inconsistent throughout the state

MP: SR 542/14.27

Location: Mt Baker Hwy and Valley Hwy, Deming

SR 9 will branch off and continue its southerly route in 1/4 mile

MP: SR 542/14.52

Location: Valley Hwy and Mt Baker Hwy, Deming

SR 9 turns left, SR 542 continues straight and heads up to Mt. Baker

S to SR 20, N to SR 544

W to SR 547 , E to I-5

W to SR 547, E to SR 9

W to SR 9, E to I-5