Interstate 90, SR 261 to SR 23


Last Driven May 2014

MP: 221.8

Location: I-90 and SR 261, Ritzville

Reassurance shield as US 395 joins I-90.

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 222.43

Location: SR 261 and I-90, Ritzville

Another reassurance shield very shortly after the last one.

MP: 231.94

Location: I-90 and Durry Rd, Adams Cty

Reassurance shield after Durry Rd

MP: 244.13

Location: SR 23 and I-90, Sprague

SR 23 will exit in 1 mile

MP: 244.96

Location: I-90 and SR 23, Sprague

SR 23 exits, connecting a lot of US Highways

E to SR 904, W to US-395

N to SR 904, S to I-90

N to SR 231, S to US-195

S to SR 26/SR 260