Colorado State Highway 59, US-6 to US-34


AMP: 147

Location: Washington Ave and 1st St, Haxtun

Reassurance shield after US-6 as we head out of Haxtun.

AMP: 144

Location: SH-59 and CR 44, Phillips Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles out of town.

AMP: 142

Location: SH-59 and CR 18, Phillips Cty

Another sign a few miles later. For such a non-descript route, 59 is pretty well signed.

AMP: 138

Location: SH-59 and CR 12, Phillips Cty

Another four miles, another reassurance shield.

AMP: 132

Location: SH-59 and CR 59, Yuma Cty

Reassurance shield as we cross into Yuma County.

AMP: 127

Location: SH-59 and CR 57, Yuma Cty

A few miles later, SH-59 jogs to the west a bit. It turned west just before this photo without any helpful signage, but the turn here back to the south reminds us that this is SH-59.

AMP: 124

Location: SH-59 and CR 54, Yuma Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll do it again – but this time we get a sign as we turn to the west.

AMP: 111

Location: SH-59 and CR 42, Yuma Cty

Reassurance shield as Yuma comes into view.

AMP: 108

Location: Detroit St and Beatty Ave, Yuma

A few miles later, we’ll enter Yuma.

AMP: 106

Location: Detroit St and 5th Ave, Yuma

As we pass through Yuma we’ll approach US 34.

AMP: 106

Location: Detroit St and US 34, Yuma

Turn right for 34 west to Akron. Follow 34 east to Wray. Stay straight for 59 south.

S to US-36, N to I-76

W to SH-61, E to US-385

W to SH-61, E to US-385