Colorado State Highway 71, I-76/US-6 to SH-14


AMP: 176

Location: Colorado Ave and I-76, Brush

Reassurance shield after I-76 as we head out of Brush.

AMP: 178

Location: SH-71 and CR 29, Morgan Cty

Reassurance shield a couple miles later – 71 briefly turns east and will turn north again ahead.

AMP: 182

Location: SH-71 and CR X, Morgan Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass by the settlement of Snyder.

AMP: 186

Location: SH-71 and CR AA, Morgan Cty

Another reassurance shield a couple miles later.

AMP: 191

Location: SH-71 and CR GG, Morgan Cty

This is a pretty uninteresting part of Morgan County.

AMP: 201

Location: SH-71 and SH-14, Weld Cty

A few miles later, we’ll enter Weld County and approach SH-14.

AMP: 201

Location: SH-71 and SH-14, Weld Cty

Turn left for 14 west and 71 north, which run concurrent through Stoneham. 14 west continues to Ault. Follow 14 east to Sterling.

N to SH-14, S to US-34

W to SH-71, E to US-6

 W to SH-52, E to US-6/US-34 Spur

 W to SH-52, E to I-76/US-34 Spur