Colorado State Highway 13, SH-325 to US-6


AMP: 4

Location: SH-13 and SH-325, Garfield Cty

No reassurance shield after SH-325.

AMP: 3

Location: SH-13 and 30th St, Rifle

A mile later we’ll enter Rifle.

AMP: 2

Location: SH-13 and Railroad Ave, Rifle

As we enter Rifle, we’ll need to keep right for SH-13.

AMP: 2

Location: SH-13 and Railroad Ave, Rifle

SH-13 was rerouted to bypass Rifle in 1985 – but it’s still faster to use the local road to get to I-70 east. Stay on the Rifle Bypass for I-70 west.

AMP: 1

Location: SH-13 and US 6, Rifle

Shortly thereafer, we’ll approach US 6 on the west side of town. Turn right for US 6 west. Because of decommissionings, SH-13 ends here for now. There is another tiny segment of SH-13 at the I-70 interchange. There is also a physical gap in US 6 to the left of here – there is no US 6 east, because AASHTO somehow approved the removal of the US 6 designation through most of Rifle. It’s all very odd.

S to US-6, N to SH-64

W to I-70

 E to Rifle Falls State Park