Colorado State Highway 72, SH-119 to SH-93


AMP: 29

Location: SH-72 and SH-119, Boulder Cty

Reassurance shield after the SH-119 split as we make our way downhill into Denver.

AMP: 26

Location: SH-72 and CR 99, Boulder Cty

Reassurance shield after we very briefly dip into Gilpin County and then re-enter Boulder County.

AMP: 25

Location: SH-72 and CR 97, Boulder Cty

Another reassurance shield a mile later.

AMP: 25

Location: SH-72 and Pinecliffe Rd, Pinecliffe, Boulder Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll pass by unincorporated Pinecliffe.

AMP: 22

Location: SH-72 and Indian Peak Rd, Wondervu, Gilpin Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll briefly enter Gilpin County and pass by Wondervu.

AMP: 19

Location: SH-72 and Gross Dam Rd, Boulder Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later.

AMP: 17

Location: SH-72 and Twin Spruce Rd, Jefferson Cty

Reassurance shield as we cross into Jefferson County – we’re done randomly changing counties now.

AMP: 13

Location: SH-72 and Blue Mountain Dr, Jefferson Cty

A few miles later, the road straightens out as we descend into Denver – the skyline is visible in the distance.

AMP: 10

Location: SH-72 and SH-93, Jefferson Cty

Shortly thereafter, we’ll approach SH-93. Turn left for 93 north to Eldorado Springs/Boulder and right for 93 south to Golden. Stay on 72 to head into Arvada towards I-70.

AMP: 10

Location: SH-72 and SH-93, Jefferson Cty

Turn left for 93 north and right for 93 south.

E to I-70, W to SH-119

N to SH-128, S to US-6/SH-58

  N to SH-72S to SH-46