Colorado State Highway 125, SH-14 to SH-14


AMP: 52

Location: SH-125 and SH-14, Jackson Cty

No reassurance shield as 14 joins 125.

AMP: 52

Location: SH-125 and CR 12W, Jackson Cty

As we head into Walden, turn left for CR 12W.

AMP: 53

Location: Main St and CR 17, Walden

As we enter Walden, this is somewhat confusing geometry – finish this left turn to head north through downtown Walden and then turn right for SH-14 east; don’t just turn right here or you’ll end up on a county road.

AMP: 53

Location: Main St and 6th St, Walden
Turn right for 14 east to Fort Collins. Stay on 125 north for various places in Wyoming.

N to SH-127, S to US-40

W to US-40, E to US-287

W to SH-125, E to US-287

 W to US-40E to SH-125