Cheyenne drive done


I got the Cheyenne/Pine Bluffs/Albin area done. It’ll be a week or so before I take another drive, so hopefully I’ll have time to upload all the photos.

The drive was mostly interesting. I’m learning that Wyoming isn’t so much a fantastic signer of routes as it is a fantastic recognizer of concurrencies and a fanatastic signer of US routes along freeways and business loops. State highways have a minimum number of reassurance markers and are frequently unsigned altogether. Junction signage is pretty simplified compared to Washington State (or even Idaho).

One anomaly I did run into that confused me was while driving westbound down Wyoming 216 I came to t his intersection

which…wait? what? Wyoming 213 appeared to head both north and south of here. Looking through state logs (and on the official state map), it seems clear that Wyoming 213 ends in Burns. I’m guessing this is a decomissioned segment they never removed the signs for, but that doesn’t seem right either. It throws me off when I’m driving down a road and see a highwaya junction that doesn’t seem to exist, and due to the tight schedule I was on I didn’t have time to drive back down to Burns to check it out. Once I get to the bottom of this and determine if this is either a brand new addition to the highway system (seems unlikely) or a deleted portion of the state highway system, or just a strange signing anomaly, I’ll determine if I need to come back and drive it.

Once I secure employment I think I’m going to get a nicer camera as well.