Wyoming Highway 789, WYO 172 to WYO 120


AMP: 133

Location: Park St and N 6th St, Thermopolis

No reassurance shield after the junction, and then we enter Thermopolis. 20/789 will turn left to head into downtown

AMP: 132

Location: N 6th St and Arapahoe St, Thermopolis

Junction Wyoming 120 coming up in 500 feet

AMP: 132

Location: N 6th St and Broadway St, Thermopolis

Turn right for WYO 120 towards Cody. Despite its north-south alignment, the highway is signed as East-West, as this used to be US-120 and Wyoming refuses to sign even numbered US routes as north-south, even though this would be the rare exception where it would have been acceptable.

S to WYO 173, N to WYO 175

E to WYO 173, W to WYO 175

W to WYO 170

E to Black Mountain Rd