Interstate 80, I-80 Bus/US-287/US-30 Bus/WYO 76 to WYO 76


AMP: 215

Location: I-80 and E Cedar St, Rawlins

Reassurance shield as we head out of Rawlins, all three routes in tow


Location: I-80 and C I G Rd, Sinclair

No signage as WYO 76 rejoins the freeway, except that Sinclair is the designated exit point for a closed I-80. Sinclair is the home of the Sinclair oil company since 1976

E to US-30/US-287/WYO 130, W to WYO 78

E to I-80/WYO 130, W to WYO 78

S to I-80/WYO 130, N to US-287 Byp

W to I-80/I-80 Bus/US-30/US-287/US-30 Bus

W to US-287 Byp

S to WYO 76, N to US-287 Byp

W to US-287 Byp

E to I-80/US-30/US-287