U.S. Route 138, US-30 to NE-L25B


Location: US-138 and US-30, Deuel Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of US 138

Location: US-138 and US-30, Deuel County

2 miles to Big Springs, 3 miles to I-80 via Link 25B

Location: Pine St and Chestnut St, Big Springs

Welcome to Big Springs

Location: Pine St and 2nd St, Big Springs

Bear right for US-138 out of town, stay straight for Link 25b to I-80

Location: Pine St and US-138, Big Springs

Straight TO I-80 via Link 25B, right for US-138

W to I-80

S to I-80

E to NE-L51A, W to NE-27