Interstate 80, NE-L17F to NE-L25A


Location: I-80 and L-17F, Cheyenne Cty

Reassurance shield after L-17F

Location: I-80 and L-17F, Cheyenne Cty

8 Miles to Junction Link 25A. Link 25A is in Deuel County, so Deuel County’s secondary highway prefix is 25

Location: I-80 and L-25A, Deuel Cty

Junction Link 25A coming up which heads towards the town of Chappell

Location: I-80 and Link 25A, Deuel Cty

L-25A exits. I’m really surprised it doesn’t read TO US-385, since US-385 south will cross the interstate in a couple miles here without an interchange

E to NE-27, W to NE-L17E

N to US-385

N to US-30/US-385