Interstate 80, WYO 374 to US-30


AMP: 61

Location: I-80 and WYO 374, Sweetwater Cty

Reassurance shield after the unmarked WYO 374 interchange

AMP: 65

Location: I-80 and US-30, Sweetwater Cty

Junction US-30 coming up. 30 east will join I-80 until east of Rawlins, 30 west will head to Kemmerer (home of JC Penney) and Pocatello. I’m fairly certain this is the furthest east an Idaho control city is posted

AMP: 66

Location: I-80 and US 30, Sweetwater Cty

US-30 west exits, heads west towards Idaho. 30 east joins I-80

E to WYO 374, W to I-80 Bus

E to WYO 374, W to WYO 374

E to US-30