Colorado State Highway 71, US-34 to US-34


Location: US-34 and SH-71, Morgan Cty

Reassurance shield omitting SH-71 after the two routes join as we’re about to enter Brush

Location: Edison St and Edmunds St, Brush

About 100 yards later and we’ll enter Brush

Location: Edison St and Clifton St, Brush

A few blocks later and SH-71 will prepare to split to head north

Location: Edison St and Colorado Ave, Brush

Turn right for SH-71 North to I-76. US-34 will continue to parallel I-76 through Fort Morgan

N to I-76/US-6, S to US-36

 W to CO-52E to US-34 Spur

 W to CO-52, E to CO-71

 W to CO-71E to US-34 Spur