Interstate 40, I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus to US-75


Location: I-40 and US-75, Okmulgee Cty

A couple miles after the business loops rejoin, 75 will prepare to split south

Location: I-40 and US-75, Okfuskee Cty

As we enter Okfuskee County, we’re a mile from US-75 south

Location: I-40 and US-75, Okfuskee Cty

Exit for US-75 south towards Weleetka and Wetumka. US-62 will stay with I-40.

W to US-62/OK-27, E to I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/Indian Nation Tpk

W to I-40/OK-27E to I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation Tpk

N to I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation TpkS to OK-84

N to I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus, S to OK-84

E to US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus

E to I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-75 Bus

N to I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus