U.S. Route 62, US-266 to I-40 Bus/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus


Location: US-75 and 6th St, Henryetta

Reassurance shield after the 266 junction. Stay on 62/75 for I-40

Location: US-75 and Trudgen Rd, Henryetta

Before we approach the business loops, we’re a mile from the Indian Nation Turnpike, the most direct route from Tulsa to Dallas

Location: US-75 and Main St, Henryetta

Turn right for I-40 Business/US-62 Business west and US-75 business south. I-40 Business is signed with an erroneous shield- red white and blue, but reading business loop. I regret not getting a better picture. 40 Business east will join 62/75 down to the Ike.

W to I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation Tpk, E to US-75

N to US-62S to I-40/I-40 Bus/Indian Nation Tpk

W to I-40/US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus/US-75 Bus, E to I-40/US-62/US-75/Indian Nation Tpk

W to I-40/I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-75 Bus

S to I-40/I-40 Bus/US-62/US-75/US-62 Bus

E to OK-52