U.S. Route 85, I-25 Bus/US-64 to US-64/US-87


Location: I-25 and 2nd St, Raton

Reassurance shield after the business loop split.

Location: I-25 and Clayton Rd, Raton

About a mile later, we’ll approach US-64 again and US-87.

Location: I-25 and Clayton Rd, Raton

Exit for US-64 east and US-87 south. US-87 north will do the same thing in Colorado as US-85 did in New Mexico, running concurrent with I-25 through the entirety of the state, existing only on paper. US-87 won’t be signed again until the Wyoming line, and won’t leave the interstate until Glenrock, Wyoming. 85 will leave the highways in Colorado Springs briefly, and then depart for good, more or less, in Castle Rock, Colorado.

N to NM-72, S to US-64

S to US-64, N to NM-72

E to NM-193, W to I-25 Bus

S to NM-193, N to NM-72

N to NM-555

E to NM-555, W to I-25/US-85