U.S. Route 26, NE-71/NE-92 to NE-L79E


Location: US-26 and N-71, Scottsbluff

Reassurance shield after the bypass as we  head out of the Scottsbluff area

Location: US-26 and S Beltline Hwy E, Scottsbluff Cty

Reassurance shield after the locally maiintained South Beltliine Highway rejoins

Location: US-26 and L-79E, Minatare

Junction L-79E coming up as we get near Minatare. L-79E heads south a couple miles to N-92, which runs mostly parallel to US-26 on the other side of the Platte River

Location: US-26 and L-79E, Scottsbluff Cty

Turn right to head down to Melbeta, stay straight for Bayard

Location: US-26 and L-79E, Minatare

Turn right for L-79E south

E to NE-L62A, W to NE-71

S to NE-92

N to US-26/NE-92, S to NE-92

W to NE-71, E to NE-71