Nebraska Highway 71, NE-92 to US-26


Last Driven October 2010

AMP: 59

Location: N-71 and N-92, Scotts Bluff Cty

Reassurance shield announcing both routes.

Location: N-71 and US-26, Scottsbluff

We get to the junction with US-26. N-71 and N-92 will travel with west US-26 around Scottsbluff

Location: N-71 and US-26, Scottsbluff

Turn left for US-26 west/N-71 north/N-92 west to Scottsbluff, turn right for US-26 east towards Minatare, Alliance, and Bridgeport

Location: N-71 and US-26, Scottsbluff

Left for 26/71/92, right for 26. It’s odd that the bypass expressway comes to a stop sign right here with US-26 traffic having full right of way. It seems a stop light would be more appropriate here.

N to US-26/NE-92, S to NE-88

W to NE-71, E to NE-L79E

E to NE-L79E, W to NE-71

W to US-26, E to NE-L79E