Nebraska Highway 71, NE-88 to NE-92


Last Driven October 2010

Location: N-71 and N-88, Banner Cty

Reassurance shield after the Nebraska 88 junction. N-71 will continue north as an expressway clear to Scottsbluff

Location: N-71 and County Rd T, Scottsbluff Cty

Reassurance shield after we head over a rocky mountainous pass into the Scottsbluff basin

Location: N-71 and N-92, Gering

We are now well onto the new¬† north-south Scottsbluff bypass and we’re coming up on a junction with N-92

Location: N-71 and N-92, Gering

N-92 East will head out of town towards Chimney Rock. N-92 west will join N-71 north to US-26. Exit here and turn left to follow old N-92 west into Gering.

N to US-26, S to NE-88

W to US-26, E to NE-L79E

W to WYO 151/WY State Line, E to NE-71