U.S. Route 87, US-190/US-377 to TX-FM2309


Location: Bridge St and Commerce St, Brady

Reassurance shield as the three routes join and we leave downtown

Location: Bridge St and 10th St, Brady

A few blocks later, we’ll approach FM 2309

Location: Bridge St and 11th St, Brady

Turn left for FM 2309 South. Stay straight for 87/377 south and 190 west. 2309 may be an old alignment of SH 71- not sure.

S to TX-FM2028, N to US-283

E to TX-FM714, W to TX-FM2028

N to TX-FM714, S to TX-FM2028

S to TX-71

E to TX-FM714, W to TX-FM2309

N to TX-FM714, S to TX-FM2309