U.S. Route 90, TX-FM2830 to TX-FM770


Location: US-90 and FM 2830, Liberty Cty

Reassurance shield after the FM 2830 junction

Location: US-90 and CR 119, Liberty Cty

As we near the unincorporated community of Raywood, we’ll get another reassurance shield

Location: US-90 and CR 119, Raywood, Liberty Cty

As we enter Raywood, we’ll approach FM 770

Location: US-90 and FM 563, Raywood, Liberty Cty

Follow 770 south towards FM 563

Location: US-90 and FM 770, Raywood, Liberty Cty

Turn right for 770 south. Stay straight for 90 east and 770 north, which concur to the Exxon station in the distance

E to TX-FM770, W to TX-FM1909

N to US-90, S to TX-FM563

N to TX-FM160