U.S. Route 90, US-59 to US-90 Alt/US-90 Bus


Location: East Fwy and Waco St, Houston

Reassurance shield after the US-59 junction

Location: East Fwy and Kress St, Houston

1 mile to US-90 Alternate

Location: East Fwy and Wayside Dr, Houston

Exit for US-90 Alternate, which heads west most of the way back to San Antonio. US-90 Business also branches  here and heads east towards Crosby. I-610 and new US-90 coming up in 1 1/2 miles

E to I-10/I-610, W to I-45

E to I-610/US-90, W to I-45

W to I-45

E to I-610

S to I-45, N to I-610