U.S. Route 90, I-10/TX-FM3538 to TX-350 Loop


Location: US-90 and I-10,  Sealy

Reassurance shield as 90 splits from I-10 to head into Sealy

Location: US-90 and Circle St, Sealy

About half a mile later, we’ll approach Loop 350

Location: US-90 and Circle St, Sealy

Turn right for 350 loop south and left for 350 loop north. 350 loop connects to SH 36, which flies over US-90 just ahead, and that’s the only reason it exists, so it’s really weird it’s not signed as TO SH 36

E to I-10, W to TX-FM2761

N to TX-36, S to TX-36

E to TX-36, W to TX-FM2761

S to TX-FM3013