U.S. Route 70, NM-549 to I-10 Bus/US-180


Location: I-10 and SR-549, Luna Cty

Reassurance shield after the second SR-549 interchange

Location: I-10 and E Pine St, Luna Cty

Exit for I-10 Business west into Deming. US-180 officially exits here, but the signed interchange isn’t until the next one, as that’s more direct for travelers heading towards Silver City. The loop acts like a regular loop

W to US-180, E to NM-549

E to NM-549W to US-180

W to NM-549E to NM-549

W to NM-549

W to NM-549, E to NM-549

W to I-10 Bus/US-180, E to I-10/US-70/US-180