Nebraska Highway 2, NE-S86A to US-83


Location: N-2 and S-86A, Thomas Cty
Reassurance shield after the Spur 86A junction

Location: Court St and Main St, Thomas Cty

A few miles east of Seneca, we’ll enter the little town of Thedford

Location: N-2 and US-83, Thomas Cty

As we head out of Thedford, we’ll approach US-83

Location: N-2 and US-83, Thomas Cty

Turn left for US-83 south, which bypasses the railroad tracks by flying over N-2 and the tracks towards North Platte. Stay straight for 83 north and 2 east, a concurrency that lasts less than a mile

E to US-83, W to NE-97

S to NE-92/NE-S57A, N to NE-2

N to Seneca