Nebraska Highway 23, NE-47 to NE-18


Location: N-23 and N-47, Dawson Cty

Reassurance shield after the N-47 junction

Location: Moose St and Crockett St, Farnam

A few miles later, we’ll enter Farnam, which has a very tight layout for a town like this

Location: N-23 and Carson St, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Farnam and enter Lincoln County

Location: N-23 and Gilman Rd, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles west as we enter a sort of southern enclave of the Sand Hills- very similar topography right here, but for a short period of time

Location: N-23 and Thomsen Hill Rd, Frontier Cty
Reassurance shield as we enter Frontier County again

Location: N-23 and Ash St, Moorefield

A couple miles west of the county line, we’ll enter Moorefield

Location: N-23 and University Rd, Curtis

A few miles west of Moorefield, we’ll enter Curtis, home of the renowned Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Location: 2nd St and Howard Ave, Curtis

As we clip the south side of downtown, we’ll approach N-18

Location: 2nd St and Howard Ave, Curtis

Turn left up here for 18 south and stay straight for 23 west

Location: 2nd St and Center Ave, Curtis

At the stop sign, be careful, since for some reason N-18/Center Ave traffic has the right of way

Location: 2nd St and Center Ave, Curtis

Turn left for 18 south. Stay straight for 23 west. N-18 is one of the few state highways in Nebraska that has unpaved portions, which are just south of here

W to US-83, E to NE-21

S to US-283

N to I-80