U.S. Route 34, I-80/I-180/US-77 to NE-S55C


Location: US-34 and I-80, Lincoln

Reassurance shield after US-34 crosses I-80 and ditches I-180. The road continues as divided highway with at-grade intersections to the airport

Location: US-34 and I-80, Lincoln

Follow US-34 for I-80 Alternate, as it parallels the interstate all the way to Grand Island. Spur 55C serves the Lincoln Airport and is unsigned. The junction is just over this hill

W to NE-79, E to I-180

S to Lincoln Air Park

E to US-77/NE-L55XW to US-77

E to US-34

S to I-80, N to I-80/NE-L55X