Nebraska Highway 71, US-26/NE-92 to NE-2


Location: Avenue I and US-26, Scottsbluff

Reassurance shield as 71 splits to head north from Scottsbluff

Location: N-71 and Lake Minatare Rd, Scotts Bluff Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Scottsbluff

Location: N-71 at the Scotts Bluff County Line, Sioux Cty

Reassurance shield about ten miles later as we enter Sioux county

Location: N-71 and White Rock Rd, Sioux Cty

Reassurance shield another 13 miles later as 71 bends to head due east. It will continue east to Highway 2

Location: N-71 at the Sioux Cty Line, Box Butte Cty

Reassurance shield a few miles later as we cross into Box Butte County

Location: N-71 and N-2, Box Butte Cty

A few miles later we’ll hit a lonely junction.

Location: N-71 and N-2, Box Butte Cty

Follow N-2 east towards Alliance and 2 west/71 north towards Crawford

Location: N-71 and N-2, Box Butte Cty

Stay straight for 2 east and turn left for 2 west/71 north. The two routes will remain concurrent to the South Dakota line

N to US-20, S to US-26

E to NE-L7E, W to US-20

E to NE-71/NE-92W to NE-92

W to US-26E to US-26