Nebraska Highway 91, US-77/US-275 to US-30/US-75


Location: N-91 and US-77, Dodge Cty

Reassurance shield as 91 splits for the home stretch towards Blair

Location: N-91 and Walnut St, Nickerson

Just after the 77/275 split, we’ll hit the tiny town of Nickerson

Location: N-91 and 8th St, Fontanelle, Washington Cty

A few miles later as we enter Washington County, we’ll approach unincorporated Fontanelle

Location: N-91 and 11th St, Washington Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Fontanelle

Location: N-91 and CR 9, Washington Cty

Reassurance shield after a county road as we travel down the long, straight, fairly flat stretch to Blair

Location: N-91 and CR 23, Washington Cty

Another reassurance shield a few miles east as we near Blair

Location: Fontenelle St and 21st St, Blair

A few miles later, we’ll enter Blair and approach US-75 and US-30

Location: Fontenelle St and 19th St, Blair

Stay straight for 30 east and 75 south towards Iowa and Omaha. Turn right for 30 west towards Fremont, and left for 75 north towards Sioux City, Iowa. Nebraska 91 ends here. Note the rare for Nebraska vertical stoplights

W to US-77

E to US-75, W to NE-133

N to NE-32, S to US-30

S to US-30/US-275, N to US-275/NE-91

E to NE-S27D, W to NE-32