U.S. Route 385, NE-L23D to SD-79/SD State Line


AMP: 163

Location: US-385 and L-23D, Dawes Cty

Reassurance shield as we finally get past the US-20 intersection

AMP: 177

Location: US-385 and Braddock Rd, Dawes Cty

Reassurance shield about 3 miles south of the state line

AMP: 180

Location: US-385 at the South Dakota State Line, Dawes Cty

Welcome to South Dakota! 385 will continue north to Lead where it will end. South Dakota 79 begins here too, to give the Heartland Expressway corridor designation one number in South Dakota. It won’t be independent until Hot Springs

N to US-18, S to US-20

N to US-18

S to US-20