U.S. Route 385, NE-L25A to US-30


AMP: 7

Location: US-385 and L-25A, Deuel Cty

Reassurance shield after the Link 25A junction as we head into Chappell. US-385 is signed as TO US-30 now

AMP: 8

Location: Babcock Ave and CR 14, Chappell

Just after that, we’ll cross over the railroad tracks to head into Chappell

AMP: 8

Location: Babcock Ave and 2nd St, Chappell

Just after the RR tracks, we’ll enter Chappell and quietly come to a junction with US-30. Turn right for 30 east and left for 30 west and 385 north. The routes will concur to Sidney

N to L-17F, S to CO State Line

E to N-27, W to L-17F

S to I-80