U.S. Route 6, SR-141 to SR-68


Location: US-6 and SR-141, Utah Cty

Reassurance shield after SR-141 as we head out of the Genola area

Location: Main St and 100 East, Goshen

A few miles later, we’ll enter the small town of Goshen

Location: US-6 and SR-68, Utah Cty

As we head out of Goshen, we’ll approach the southern terminus of SR-68

Location: US-6 andd SR-68, Utah Cty

Stay on US-6 for Delta, but follow SR-68 north all the way to Salt Lake City

Location: US-6 and SR-68, Utah Cty

Turn right for 68 north, stay straight for 6 west

W to SR-36, E to I-15/SR-198

N to SR-73

N to SR-147