Wyoming Highway 212, I-25 Bus/US-85/US-87 Bus to WYO 221


AMP: 3

Location: College Dr and Greeley Hwy, Cheyenne

Reassurance shield after 212 ditches the business loops. WYO 212 will turn north fairly soon

AMP: 5

Location: S College Dr and Fox Farm Rd, Cheyenne

Fox Farm Rd is mostly unsigned WYO 212 (it is signed from southbound 212 at the junction). WYO 212 is running due north and south on the eastern side of Cheyenne now

N to I-80/I-80 Bus, W to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-87/US-87 Bus

W to I-25 Bus/US-85/US-87 Bus

S to I-25/US-87/US-87 Bus/WYO 212, N to WYO 221

N to WYO 221, S to WYO 223

S to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-87, N to WYO 221