Interstate 90 Business, I-90/US-14/US-14A/SD-34/SD-79 to SD-34/SD-79


Location: Lazelle St and I-90, Sturgis

Reassurance shield acknowledging 90 business, 34, and 79 (on an old shield!) as we enter Sturgis, home of the motorcycle rally

Location: Lazelle St and 8th St, Sturgis

A few blocks later we’ll get another reassurance shield, this time with both state highways on old shields, as we enter the core of Sturgis

Location: Lazelle Ave and Junction Ave, Sturgis

Shortly after that, 34/79 will split from the business loop. Stay straight for 34 east/79 north; turn right for I-90 Business back towards the interstate

E to I-90/US-14/SD-79

W to I-90/US-14, E to SD-79

 S to I-90 Bus, N to SD-34

W to I-90/I-90 Bus/US-14/US-14A/SD-79, E to SD-79

 S to I-90/I-90 Bus/US-14/US-14A/SD-34N to SD-34

E to I-90 Bus, W to SD-34

W to SD-34, E to I-90 Bus

W to US-85

W to I-90/US-14, E to I-90 Bus

 S to I-90 Bus, N to I-90 Bus