U.S. Route 67, I-30/I-35E to I-45/I-345/US-75


Location: IH 30 and IH 45, Dallas

Just after 67 merges onto 30, we’ll approach IH 45 and US-75 as we pass a nasty accident

Location: IH 30 and IH 45, Dallas

Exit for IH 45 South, US-75 North, and unsigned IH 345 North. 45 south heads towards Houston, 75 north heads towards McKinney, and 345 carries US-75 north to Spur 366. This is the northern terminus of IH 45 and the southern terminus of US-75 and IH 345.

N to TX-78, S to TX-180

E to TX-78, W to TX-12 Loop

S to US-175

N to US-75/TX-366 Spur

N to I-345/TX-366 Spur

E to I-45/I-345/US-75, W to TX-12 Loop

N to TX-366 Spur, S to TX-180